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Powder ultrafine / nano - and one - step sintering near - dense method
- Mar 09, 2017 -

Ultrafine / nano-powder has a series of excellent features: such as powder crystal grain size, large surface area, the contact between the powder interface, surface activity, sintering driving force, without adding any activator in the case , Sintering temperature is low, dense fast, and high density, good performance. Therefore, the tungsten-copper composite prepared with ultrafine powder has a very high density, high thermal conductivity, very small and uniform microstructure, and has the unparalleled advantages of tungsten and copper composites prepared by conventional conventional methods. There are many methods for preparing ultrafine / nano-tungsten-copper composite powders such as mechanical alloying (MA), sol-gel (Sol-Ge1), mechanical-thermochemical synthesis (Mechano-ThermochemicalProcess) and so on.