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Welding: aluminum and copper combination is best to use argon arc welding.
- Mar 09, 2017 -

Welding: aluminum and copper combination is best to use argon arc welding.

Welding, the arc center to bias the side of the copper, offset equivalent to the thickness of 1/2, to achieve both sides of the same time melting. Can be used pure aluminum or aluminum - silicon filler wire. The addition of calcium and magnesium can make the surface activation, easy to fill the dendritic crystal of the gap; adding titanium, zirconium, magnesium, copper, , Molybdenum and other refractory metals help to refine the organization; adding silicon, zinc can reduce intermetallic compounds. The addition method can be applied to the surface of the copper to be welded before welding.

The use of submerged arc welding, the joint form shown in Figure 1. The deviation between the arc and the upper edge of the copper piece is l = (0.5 ~ 0.6) δ, δ is the thickness of the weldment. Copper side open J-shaped groove, aluminum side for the straight edge. In the J-shaped groove within the preset φ3mm aluminum wire. When the workpiece thickness of 10mm, the use of wire diameter φ2.5mm, wire feed speed 332m · h-1, welding current 400 ~ 420A, arc voltage 38 ~ 39V, welding speed 21m · h-1. The w (Cu) in the weld metal is in the range of 8% ~ 10%, and the mechanical properties of the joint are obtained.